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Ken Ahbus
Ken Ahbus is a cannabis lifestyle brand for the modern stoner. At Ken Ahbus, we value comfort, cannabis, comedy and comedy and integrate the three C’s into whatever we do.
Created for
Premium and elegant cannabis themed Gold and Diamond Jewelry crafted at the highest quality. Inspired by KIND FINE PEOPLE across the globe!
GLDN is a way of life that promotes the notion that “AGE IS JUST A NUMBER”. Gone are the days of accepting the inevitable decrease in quality of life in our later years. GLDN is a ecosystem promoting ongoing wellness, longevity, and productivity for seasoned adults. It is our mission to provide quality products, community support and an educational resource to share the exciting new possibilities provided by the Hemp plant and CBD.
The goal of Popped.NYC is to help people find relief with CBD products and through compassionate consultations with our expert customer care team. We do that by creating and distributing high-quality CBD products with a continued commitment to using natural ingredients and promoting business practices that respect the Earth and the environment. To use Popped.NYC in innovative ways to make the world a better place.
Puff Cards
Puff Cards is a female majority-equity company in the cannabis space that believes in wellness and making memories.  

The idea for Puff Cards came to life in the summer of 2016 when Chelsea Buttner, TJ Buttner, and Elizabeth Kim devised a method for safely and securely storing cannabis within greeting cards. After coming up with an initial prototype, Elizabeth developed a final design concept built around a unique die-cut capable of discreetly housing a smell-resistant tube. We now hold utility and design patents covering any material of cylindrical tube that’s held within a card across the US, Canada, and Europe.  
Honeysuckle is an innovative, thought provoking print & digital publication.